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• To provide our customers with purified drinking water, in a clean and comfortable atmosphere

• To educate the general public on the importance of protecting their water supplies

• High standard of customer sales and service in water purification and water treatment equipment

• To uphold the rules of the Alberta Health Authority and Canadian Environment Standards


I developed kidney stones in 1997 so I started researching water and its effects on your health. By drinking just distilled water for three years, I helped my body dissolve the stones. I sold and installed distillers in a few homes, where they found the distilled water help them improve their health. In doing more research in water treatment equipment, I decided explanation was the only way to make my business sustainable.

Our business started in 2000 selling steam distillers and started building our store front in 2004. By September 2005, we were able to sell Winter Rose Pure Bottled Water. For our customers’ convenience, we built a separate room for the 24/7 water vending machine.

Today we sell reverse osmosis, steam-distilled, and natural spring bottled water; monthly testing by a private laboratory assures our customers and the health authority of good clean water. Our store inventory includes water coolers, home and commercial water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis unit, numerous household and commercial filter systems, home and office coffee room supplies, plus spa/hot tub chemicals and filters.

Our current water technician has 35 years of experience in water treatment equipment (softeners and iron filters), canister filter systems, distillers, reverse osmosis units, plus bottled water coolers. In 2011, we started selling pool/spa/hot tub supplies; the staff took training in spa/hot tub chemical needs, so we invested in water test equipment for the hot tubs, our customers.

With each passing year, society’s water needs change which keeps us continually educating ourselves.

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